Temezcal - Margaret Reid

On Sunday I participated in a Temezcal...which is an ancient spiritual and physical practice to improve health, mind and body. First there was a ceremony to Mother Earth.. then we entered "el baƱo de vapor" ...which is a dome shaped hut where ashes provide steam along with the fragance of herbs. There was a whole ritual of chanting, drumming and songs..in spanish... and with the intense heat and the wonderful fragant of the plants...the body pours off all the toxins. On existing one is wrapped in a blanket, you lay down and later are served a herbal tea. After a second session in the hut... you exit and have a cold shower followed by a warm herbal bath. It was all amazing and a wonderful experience. Being my first tme...my mind didn't go to a quiet place... and I did not take photos...which was probably why my brain kept saying..wish I could take photos...but here are a few photos taken of the area and setting up the offerings before the ceremony.

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