Band - Margaret Reid

If you want to do something different and get involved... just follow Maryellen Jackson around for the day...don't know how she does it.?? . Today we visited one of the schools "Jose de Los Reyes Martinez" to see the progress of the band. To quote Maryellen from another post..... "WHAT KID DOESN'T WANT TO BANG ON A DRUM OR TOOT A HORN? . However, you should know that getting into a primary school Band de Guerra is no easy task. You don't necessarily need to show musical talent, but you do need to show discipline and a willingness to learn and work hard to be chosen. Our equipment cost approximately $40 US or $720 pesos for a drum, $32 US or $580 pesos for the cornet. We've spend approximately $12, 500 pesos for 8 drums and 9 cornets for each band de Guerra. We have started 5 Band de Guerras this year. We pay the teacher less than a 100 dollars for each school. Poor guy uses public transportation that eats into that minimal pay". Notice that one kid is playing the drum or horn... and there are two or three standing behind waiting for their turn to play an instrument. The last photo may look like chaos....but it just the sharing of the drums...which they do enthusiastically!! ...gotta love kids.!!!

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