Reading - Margaret Reid

When I made my hats for fundraising... I gave half to Sailfest and half to Maryellen Jackson, saying I wanted something to do with reading, writing and arithmetic. So she found a retired teacher Elizabeth Montanez de Leon, who understands and is qualified to teach kids to read. ...and my donation help to pay her wages...but of course Maryellen has come up with the rest.... gotta make more hats!!! Elizabeth has assessed the students into four levels those that can read words, but punctuation is meaningless as are the sentences. Those that can read ok...but can't interpret the meaning, comprehension. Those that don't know the sounds of consonants and vowels the, tho, tha...those who who can't write, and barely know the vowels and consonants. Some of the students are in grade 6...!!! All students are willing and enthusiatic to be in the class... even the kids that can read want to join... and other school want the same program. And here are some photos... naturally! Last two photos are of a tug-of-war.... Mexican kids.... love this game!!

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