Uruapan Parade - Margaret Reid

I enjoyed the colour, people and tiangus market in Uruapan, Michoacan, last Palm Sunday weekend so much that I went back again this year. My friend Elisabeth joined me along with my upstairs neighbour Harvey. We stayed at the same Air BandB as last year, so I didn't take as many photos of the place. So first off...here are the photos of the parade that takes place on the Sat morning. All the villages come in with their wares and dressed in their tradional costumes....love all the colours. I guess because there was a big shootout in one the the villages, they were going to cancel the parade...but in true Mexican fashion they carried on.... but do take notice of the police presence.... it was a little tense at times when we would find ourselves surrounded by police, with shields and weapons and large groups of people...but in general it was a good atmosphere. Trust me...we played it safe.

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